A Moment of Enlightenment

Today has been one of those days. One of those soul-enlightening days. There have been several little words, phrases or feelings that have kind of stuck with me all day (thanks to an Alan Watts audio file, some YouTubers, the final episode of This Is Us, and a couple of my best friends - sup … Continue reading A Moment of Enlightenment


Needless to Say, it’s been a Bad Morning

Super cool! This blogger came across one of my posts and asked to publish it to her blog. Check out her page – awesome concept!

This Terrible Morning.

I woke up wildly unhappy this morning. My back was aching, the sound of my alarm felt like it was stabbing through my brain, and the sky was as grey as my hair will be after yet another long-as-hell day at work today.

So, I decided to make myself my favourite curry for lunch. I made it, it was amazing, I was starting to feel some sense of happiness again, and then I let it “simmer” while chatting with my mom as I ate my oatmeal. 30 minutes later, I run back into the kitchen to find my curry burnt to a crisp. I proceeded to hold in tears and a burning desire to scream at the top of my lungs, and instead took a deep breath and left my house silently.

At work my pants were uncomfortable, my backache felt like some god is trying to test my ability…

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Psychological Control

Disclaimer: This post is essentially a self-therapy session of me ranting about my problems and solutions. Please enjoy if you care to read. So, here's the thing. I've mentioned already that since being home I've been in this weird life limbo that's caused me to feel this sense of dullness and unfulfillment, which is obviously taking … Continue reading Psychological Control