Daily Writing Challenge: FAILURE

Well, I have failed. I planned to write every single day for 30 days. Doesn't seem hard, right? WRONG. It's very hard. I do place some blame on my job; I work essentially every hour of my useable day when I AM working. I would have time with little breaks between flights, but some days … Continue reading Daily Writing Challenge: FAILURE


Writing Challenge: Day Two (Writer’s Block)

What is writer's block? Is it genuinely a lack of material permeating our minds or is it something else? Perhaps it's preoccupation of the mind. How can we fuel creativity when our minds are focused on another thought? Or perhaps it's more biological; factors such as hunger, fatigue, mood. My prediction would be that there … Continue reading Writing Challenge: Day Two (Writer’s Block)

A Moment of Self-Pride

I have had an absolutely, mind-bogglingly, overwhelmingly eventful year. And I have failed to document any of it, apart from hand written journals. I feel like I go through period of cumulating material, and then periods of documenting and reflecting upon it. I supposed that's naturally how things work, eh? One of my favourite quotes … Continue reading A Moment of Self-Pride