Rant about authentic experience

I am pleased to publicly announce (to all my 5 beautiful followers) that I have officially decided to take a year off to travel our lovely globe after this strenuous undergrad business is done. The other day my friend Maddie [the most mystical human who has ever lived] was talking about how she misses authentic experiences. To summarize our five hour long conversation about it, she’d come to the conclusion that London (Ontario) bubble sometimes holds us back from what the rest of this beautiful world has to offer. It’s sometimes more challenging to have those memorable moments where you interact with the strangest of people and share a connection that it just indescribable here in London and my prediction as to why this is this way is due to the fact that a very large number of the people we interact with have such similar, mundane lives which create limits to how much we can share to each other. [The optimist inside of me would also like to mention that no ones life is mundane and ordinary unless we make it that way].

Side note since I’m terrible at keeping on topic: I think I’m growing into myself more than ever since I came to uni. I’ve learned a lot this year that I never thought I would learn about. Of course I expected to learn about photosynthesis and Newton’s laws, but I didn’t expect to learn this much about myself and the world. I learned the true meaning of “not taking life too seriously”. I learned about making decisions that make you happy and GOING for what you want. I learned about the power of taking the time to not only say hi to strangers but to have a real conversation with people you’ve never met before. I learned that it doesn’t hurt to apply to every single position on campus even if you don’t think you’ll get them. Applications and interviews are surprisingly marvellous practice for the future and have increased my level of confidence by more than I ever believed was possible. And sure, reading is not totally my favourite pass-time (although I really should start reading more- I have a national geographic in my bag we’re good)- but writing, writing is a different story. Rather than reading and translating words from a page into imaginary concepts in my head, writing allows the combination of literally any words in order to convey a specific message; In order to express yourself. It helps me sort out my thoughts. Yes, a lot of the things I write about are unorganized and  extremely raw and maybe no one will ever read the words I take the time to type, but that doesn’t matter. The point is that I am able to express my thoughts in the present, and I can keep my ideas as memories and reminders for my future self.

Honestly, this all stemmed from the other day, when I realized that 70% of the conversations people have these days consist of SOMETHING to do with possibly the most insignificant topics. Some include, creeping people on facebook, reading tweets, matching with complete douchey yet charmingly attractive guys on tinder and conversations about who hooked up with who last night. I’m not intending to superior-ate (is that even a word?) myself, I’m just trying to make a point that it’s almost weird to discuss things of matter to the world like religion, our aspirations, politics, world issues!!! It should be the other way around. Maybe I’m just going crazy and there are actually MORE than like 5 people who I can actually talk to about these things with. DO NOT get me wrong though… I still need those ‘who-got-voted-off-the-bachelor-last-week’ conversations- I AM still a female living in the 21st century. I am guilty as ever of everything I just discussed…

I don’t even have a concluding statement as this sort of turned its way into being a complete rant, so goodbye, it’s been real.


– Dose of Delight


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