Meeting yourself- The thoery of infinity

I don’t believe in infinity. The universe is an incredibly frustrating topic to many people, however it becomes even more challenging to even begin to form your own thoughts about it when you don’t even believe that concept of infinity is possible. Our universe is said to be infinite, although I find that literally impossible to believe. It has to end somewhere, but then again what would be outside of that? Infinity almost sounds like an excuse to me. Like scientists got lazy and didn’t want to keep exploring what’s beyond our universe so they just threw the term “infinity” onto the case and let that be. I think deep down I just don’t want to conform to the idea that we will never know the truth about what’s ‘outside of the universe’…

I mentioned the term ‘meeting yourself’ in the title because that’s what this post was supposed to be about before I decided to add a mini-rant to the beginning of it.. here we are:

I saw this video by ‘Charlieissocoolike’ (a hilarious and geeky/charming youtuber who often talks about science) [WATCH NOW:] . I’m not going to explain his theory- you can watch the video. I am, however, going to analyze it. When I first saw the video I was so incredibly astonished by this idea and I couldn’t help but believe that it was possible- he was after all quite convincing. But.. the one thing I’ve learned through my education in science is that in order to test a theory, you must not try to prove it, but rather to attempt to falsify it. I’ve tried my best to come up with a reason as to why this theory might be incorrect, but I have massively failed. I’ve tried to convince myself that we are the way we are due to more than simply our particle composition and that we can never exist anywhere but here. But what I’ve found is that even our environment, and even the smallest of things that occur in our lives that effect our decision making all happen as a result of a certain composition of particles. Imagine a fish in a tank who gets fed a piece of food. Now imagine an identical tank where the same fish would get fed that same piece of food. In either tank the fish is going to act the exact same way- and even the direction of the wind or the colour of the water are a result of a specific combination of particles. I cannot seem to come up with one factor that could change the way we are that can’t be a result of particle composition. One might think, well what if you made a different decision- what if for example you decided to go to Queen’s instead of Western (which would be an extremely poor decision might I add). Well, the reason why we make certain decisions is never random. There is some explanation as to why to choose things, even if it’s just choosing a card at random- the result of the specific interaction of neurons in your head. So.. according to me and limited knowledge on this topic, this theory could actually be possible. What do you think?


– Dose of Delight


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