Never underestimate.

Many people underestimate their abilities. I just had an interview for a position on my university student council that I am realistically probably not going to get (although this contradicts what I’m about to say). However, with that attitude I am lowering my chances EVEN MORE at getting it, as your attitude always shows through in whatever you are doing. You can’t hide it, trust me. If you really don’t think you’re going to get it, then look at it as a learning experience. You will be much more qualified for your next interview with practice before-hand, so act confident, be yourself, and stay passionate about the position, because you never know- you could very well be that one person who gets it!
When I walked out of my interview this morning I couldn’t help but begin to analyze everything I did wrong. People always say “don’t think about it” and “you can’t do anything now”. But it’s almost impossible to listen to that. Realistically you will be much more frustrated shoving things to the back of your mind. So, why not turn it into something beneficial for yourself? Make a list of things you could’ve improved on or things you left out and keep it for your next interview. I almost forgot to pre-create an answer to the typical “tell me about yourself” question that comes up in every interview until I read an old note that I had made from my last interview a few months ago. What was the first question of my interview today? Tell me about yourself. I killed that one.
Another thing to remember is that we live in a very small world. Always give things your all because you never know who you’re talking to. The interviewer might not give you the job you applied for, however if you prove yourself and kill the interview you might end up being recommended for a different position, or if anything will leave with much more confidence.
To sum up, please don’t be too hard on yourself and always stay optimistic because you never know what’s going to happen! 7 billion people appears to make a huge world, but we all live in much smaller one with very strange coincidences.


– Dose of Delight


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