Sound is such an underrated sense. Honestly I know that sounds weird but don’t you love that shiver you get when you hear a familiar sound- especially ones you haven’t heard in a lifetime. Sounds that remind us of the ones we love or the moments that have stuck with us. Sometimes it’s not even the pretty sounds, even just the sound of rain can evoke some kind of emotion inside of us. Lately during my hours of free time (it’s exam time and let’s be honest who’s really studying), I’ve been re-discovering some songs and noises that remain me of my childhood. First off- the secret garden movie soundtrack. I don’t know why but I absolutely loved this movie as a kid and I haven’t seen it in ages but have very vidid memories of this movie that make me oddly happy (and somewhat nostalgic). So, the other day I started listening to that song- you know the one when Mary is exploring the garden for the first time. Anyway… it gave me this rush of happiness and memories.

Also, I used to play these Nancy Drew detective PC games (it was a minor addiction) and even listening to the background music on youtube reminds me all of the sunday mornings I would sit in my bed with my dad and play these games.

Sometimes sounds can be surprisingly powerful and timeless. I’ve had a fear of dolls for- I can’t even remember how long.. and I have always wondered why I was so scared of them. I had a dream the other night about this game I used to play called Where In the World Is Carmen Sandiego (again, another computer game addiction I used to play with my brother). The next day I searched it on youtube trying to remind myself of how much fun we’d have and I found this video that they used to play at the end of the game. It was INCREDIBLY frightening. I think I screamed out loud when I watched it again. But, nevertheless I had finally discovered why I was so afraid of dolls.

Maybe that’s why we like music so much. I love listening to songs from the past. I even just made a playlist on iTunes dedicated to the 90s. Not just any songs, the one’s I used to dance around to with my friends, the ones that would play on repeat when my mom and I would paint the kitchen together in our old house, or the couple songs that would always play on the radio when my dad and I drove to Rona on sunny weekend afternoons. Even the “ah ahh ahhh” voice from the little mermaid gets me going.

Think about it… would you really listen to those amazingly corny christmas songs if they didn’t associate with christmas and your childhood? New christmas songs suck.

It’s not just the old sounds, but even the new ones; the unheard. Sometimes we even close are eyes and sit still just to fully allow ourselves to be immersed in our other senses, it’s almost magical. Do you have any sounds or songs from your childhood that ignite a flash of memories in your head?


– Dose of Delight


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