Dead days

It’s happening. One of those days when you wake up at like 1:00 in the afternoon and do absolutely nothing with your life (usually this is caused by weather, but sometimes it can literally just be completely random). Nothing tastes good, you have zero sense of smell, you have 0 urge to apply makeup or deal with your lion mane (sorry I mean hair) and you simply feel like the least productive creature that has ever existed. Sometimes you even contemplate your existence, that’s when you know you’ve hit rock bottom. You think about every flaw you have and focus zero of your energy on anything positive. I’m usually an extremely optimistic person but once in a while these days come and taunt me. Want to hear the best part? I have an exam tomorrow. It kills me because you end up thoroughly convincing yourself that there is nothing you can do about it. You can try to nap, try to shower and get dressed up, try to dance around to music but in the end your just going to end up staring at yourself in the mirror looking and feeling like absolute crap.

However… this blog is in fact called Dose of Delight (which clearly is not what I was going for when I started writing this). I believe that you have the power to switch your mood whenever you please, all it requires is energy and focus. Sometimes we just feel stuck and I think it’s because part of us wants to feel this way. I honestly do not want to study right now, nor do I want to do anything and that’s why I’ve convinced myself that I should just accept that I’m having one of those days and lie here forever. HOWEVER, I am in psychology and one thing I have learned is that your brain is extremely powerful and once you learn how to control it, you become a much much efficient and productive human being. As I said, energy and focus. Once you cry it out and allow yourself to feel self-pity on these days, you must then DO something about it. Don’t keep sitting and ‘thinking’ (procrastinating) if you have nothing left to think about. Take a moment, BREATHE, and talk to yourself. Set yourself a goal and then count to 10 and do it. I know, that is easier said than done. We all have our “cues” though.. For me all it takes is laughter. The physical action of smiling actually makes you happy, as it releases endorphines (I think… honestly I’m far to lazy to look it up- placebo effect long as you believe it it should work). So smile.. maybe look up a funny video on youtube or watch your favourite comedy movie- without feeling guilty about wasting more of your day. Another thing you can do is change up your environment- go for a walk! Don’t be to hard on yourself. After that, take your deep breathe and get to work. These days are simply tests of sanity. Don’t let yourself give in. I can 100% promise you that your mood will go away after time if you put in the energy and focus. Find what breaks you free from this mood (even if that is.. writing a blog post about it.. hehe). LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.


The end,

– Dose of Delight


5 thoughts on “Dead days

  1. When I am having a “Dead Day” I am going to come back and re-read this post. I think you’re absolutely right and too often times we let the negative overwhelm us without at least trying to change our thoughts to positive ones. Well said!


    1. Yea it’s so challenging to find a moment to really step back and realize that we actually have the power to alter our own moods. That we CAN go out and do something- that we aren’t “stuck”, it’s all in our heads. And thank you! Cheers.


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