Your mission by the end of the day

I am currently on the train back to London (ontario… how exciting), and I can’t seem to bring myself to study. I know full well that I have 5 exams starting in 2 days and I seriously cannot bring myself to study. All I can do is go in Pinterest and gaze out the window questioning life and pondering about the most random things. I also have an odd craving for graham crackers, which is bothering me. I really want graham crackers. I feel like there is SO much on my mind that I can’t even begin to sort it out. Do you ever feel like that? Like sometimes you just lie on your bed (or sit on a train) and think. For like 8 hours straight. About nothing. Maybe it’s because I did hot yoga this morning- I’m used to going right before bed. Also I’m sitting at a window seat right now, which is resulting in an unpleasant draft on the right side of my body that I again don’t feel like doing anything about. I know I have a sweater in my bag. I know that. But I won’t get it. Is there something wrong with me? Okay I’m going to post this right now and then get to work. Right now. Sorry for this pointless blog post I needed to do this in order to put SOME kind of words together from the chaotic jumble of thoughts in my brain right now. Sorry if you read this entire post.

Here LET ME ADD SOME SUBSTANCE TO THIS POST- if you are reading this right now, you must complete one of the following tasks: make a stranger smile OR tell someone you care about how much they mean to you (you can use this as an excuse). BY THE END OF TODAY. That is your mission.  Report back to me saying what you did.

Side note: I put my sweater on and feel much more comfortable now, just an update.


– Dose of Delight


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