The known

Have you ever felt like a stranger in your own home? Like there are so many mysterious parts of your house that have gone completely unappreciated until you discover them? Sometimes the greatest place to be is somewhere new (to fulfill our thirst for vulnerability) within a familiar environment (to satisfy our seeking of comfort). Don’t underestimate what is already familiar to you. Sometimes we search for bigger and better things and don’t take the time to appreciate what is in our life already. When we really acknowledge these preexisting concepts it forces us to see things in a different perspective.

Back to physical environment- I think that’s why people like to rearrange furniture or change to direction of their bed and such. Our subconscious mind feels less trapped and limited when we revisit the ‘known’ in a new mindset. Think of the little things- the shadows the sun creates in your room when you wake up in the morning or the draft on the left side of your body when you fall asleep- these little things have more of an effect on us than we give them credit to. And when they are disturbed or altered, we are forced to adapt and as a result feel and think differently.

So go explore your most familiar environment- it doesn’t necessarily have to be your house. And look around- with purpose. Take different paths than you normally would, take note of the colours, the smells, the shadows. Let your mind wonder and allow the memories to arise. You’ll find yourself gaining presence, freedom and awareness. This is after all where you spend most of your time, how you feel and think here is basically how you feel and think everywhere and the worst thing you could feel is confined.

– Dose of delight


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