My overanalysis on the bare essence of writing

Think about books, it’s all just scripture. Just a series of lines and curves. Try looking at a book written in a language which uses a non-english based letter system. Don’t try to read it- just brainlessly observe it. Observe the shapes and curves of the letters. So incredibly unfamiliar and meaningless. Now look at an english book, again it’s just a series of lines and curves no different from the other- and yet all together have the power to convey such an emotional message and change our lives- alter our way of thinking. Language is such a sneaky little under-appreciated thing. Think of the words I love you. The I is just a line with two shorter lines drawn horizontally at the tips. The l just a vertical line, the o just a circle. Just.

Google the letter I, first you get:

  1. the ninth letter of the alphabet.
    • denoting the next after H in a set of items, categories, etc.
  2. the Roman numeral for one.

However, this I means more than that to us. If you keep scrolling you’ll will get much much more. The pronoun, the noun, the physics constant, the suffix, the imaginary quantity equal to the square root of minus one, the chemical iodine. 

IT’S MORE THAN JUST 3 LINES. I know what you’re thinking and I’ll get to my point now…


A hand holding an object that dislodges a substance when making contact to a surface. And then the hand moves- as the brain orders it to, and the object creates a pattern on the surface- letters.

A motion of using force to press down on buttons on a typewriter- the ink pressing down onto the thin piece of tree staged upright behind it.

Order-important clicking of specific keys on a machine-built computer, the programming resulting in the appearance of these familiar symbols called letters appearing on the LED screen in front of your face.

That’s all writing is, in it’s bare essence.

Then, people aim their eyes at the result of this writing- the text, the scripture- and somehow the light hits the surface perfectly enough to enter the tiny iris hole and projects a backward image on the back of your eye onto the retina. Then, the optic nerve transfers this ostensibly meaningless scripture to your brain, where it is transformed into something incredible. That’s where the magic happens. The biology of thinking is just brain activation, just neurons [does anyone know why the word neurons is not in my spell check..] doing their thing. But in our own bodies it seems so wonderful and incredible, yet we never actually take the time to think about that. This post seemed kind of strange did it not? Yes I may be overanalyzing, but I’m just attempting to point out how simple we all make everything in our heads.

It’s also strange how we use the terms “in our own bodies”, “in our own skin”. As if this ‘we’ is an entity within our bodies that is completely separate from the physical parts that makes up ourselves. When really, all we have is our non-magical brains, our skin, our bones and muscles and all the cells inside of em.

We, the non-life-devoting-phd-scientist-people, will never understand the complexity of our own self. Does anyone else not find it strange that we don’t usually think of these thinks? The world is just to distracting I guess.

Sorry for overanalyzing, hope I haven’t wasted too much of your day.


– Dose of Delight


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