Why do I write?

So I read this post by one of my favourite bloggers: click here to read. 

And as I casually began writing my response, I realized I had far to much to say and decided to make an entire blog post about it. So hi.

The question was: Why do you write?

So.. my response.

I write because of the freedom. Even with a limited vocabulary, we each have the power to infinitely combine words in order to convey extraordinarily unique messages. Writing is something that anyone can do and something extremely subjective, abstaining from competition and limitations- like you enter this place that becomes completely your own.

Writing, in my opinion, is simply one of the most creative means of communication for that very reason.

Sometimes when I have so much chaos in my brain, writing has grown to soothe my anxiety and allow me to put my thoughts into words- to help me put some sense into all of the jumping entities in my head (if not then it can just be super fun).

When I was younger, I always had this idea that writing almost ‘lacked’ a few senses. Like you were just writing words, printing symbols- there were no tactile or audible components to what you were saying.

Well, I couldn’t have been more far off. I started to read more.. and discovered that when you’re reading, it’s almost as if no other human can share the exact response that you’ve had. Like your experience is unique. Everyone has different interpretations on books and that’s what is so great about them. When you read a book over again, it is not very probable that you will share the exact experience you did the first time you read it. The outside noises, your environment, your mood, even the style of font all influence your perception on what you’re reading. The boundless imagination that accompanies a story is simply something you can only enjoy through reading.

And just like when you write, your senses become somehow more authentic and almost even more realistic because they came from your very own self. You trust your thoughts and your feelings more when they come from your own head. We all know that when something is your own idea your more inclined to feel passionately about it and trust it. Tada psychology 101.

When I write I’m in my own world. Even if I’m blogging I somehow just forget about the fact that others could read what I have to say and just say it for myself, because I found that that is sometimes the most powerful and compelling form of writing- honest and raw. Like expressive experimentation.

I also love how choice of word is such an under-acknowledged component of writing. The feeling you get when you can perfectly describe a specific feeling or non-verbal experience through language is priceless.

Which brings me to my last point… writing for the memories. To provide my future self with the opportunity to look back and re-immerse myself into that particular state of mind…and also because it’s super fun looking back on what you used to care about- same idea as keeping a journal.

Before I started this blog I used to write in this Word document that I’d occasionally read back on (I know I’m a loser but it’s honestly quite fulfilling and fun). The document became 100s of pages long and filled with so many memories I couldn’t even describe to you how much of my life is in there… And just having that there for those years had become a huge part of why I am the way I am today. Because of that I came to love writing, love looking back memories- love everything to do with expressing yourself through words.

Apologies for the rant.. no time to edit so I’m sorry if none of that made sense.

– Dose of Delight


2 thoughts on “Why do I write?

  1. I love this. I can relate on so many levels – especially the memories part. There’s just so much history in the pages of my journals. I love that you had a Word document for memories.
    Would love to include many of your words in the book. Thanks so much!


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