Take your happiness into your own hands

Pull out a piece of paper.. and a pen/pencil (Or open up a Word document)

Right now- do it.

(I know you didn’t and you’re just going to keep reading to see if this is worth your time, but I’m okay with that because I’d do the same).

Now make a list of the things that make you happy. And I mean really happy, even the impossible. Write down your dreams, the things you want to accomplish, the little things you miss and wish you did more.

This might get hundreds of points long, but don’t worry about covering everything, you can always keep adding to it.

Now think about why you aren’t doing them enough, or at all for that matter. Are these things really that impossible? Why haven’t you done them yet? What are you waiting for? No one is going to hand these things to you.

I’ve always shoved certain dreams into the future and GUESS WHAT I never end up doing them. Sound familiar?

If you came up with these things decently quickly, that goes to show how important they are to you. Think about it, are you ever going to do it? There’s always going to be something. There’s never going to be a “right time”, trust me. I always figured when I turned 18 I could do so many of the things I wanted to do. Now that I am 18, I figure, hey when I move out and live on my own THAT’S when I can finally do all these things. As if I’ll be sitting at home by myself all day. Well, obviously we both know that’s not going to happen. So why not do it now? What’s stopping me? Nothing. These are supposed to be the best years of our lives. You deserve to be happy for every single one of them. One day you’ll be sitting in a nursing home, not necessarily filled with ‘regret’, but filled with ‘what ifs’.

The other day I said to myself, “am I going to be doing this every day of my summer? Wake up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, go to sleep.” So today I ate dinner with an old friend, ran home in the rain, laughing tears of joy the whole way home and we just thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, (mainly because we stopped for gelato on the way home). There is NO reason for a Tuesday night to be boring. You will experience one thousand three hundred and five Tuesdays by the time you are 25.

So pick a couple things on that list from time to time and make the effort to do them. Even if they are sincerely random and/or seemingly impossible. If you want even more motivation, pick a day of each month (the 1st for example), and pick one thing on your list. Give yourself one month to accomplish it, or something.

Do your ‘things’ require money that you just don’t have right now? Start a piggy bank. I know what you’re thinking but listen yup. Just pull out a mason jar, label/decorate it to keep you inspired and keep adding your loose change into it. My parents made one for pennies when I was born. When I turned 18, my brother and I counted it all (it took like 3 twenty-four hour days- but honestly so fun and rewarding might I add) and anyway, our parents let us split it all. They figured it would be 50 or so dollars in pennies. Well, guess what.. we ended up getting about like 250 each. And that was just pennies.

If there’s something in your life that you aren’t happy with, think about why it’s really there. Does it have to be? I don’t mean stop paying your bills because it’s annoying, I’m talking about habits, routines, lifestyle changes, dreams..

Think about it. Don’t push this aside for later, do it right now. It’s all psychological- most of the time when people feel ‘trapped’ or ‘stuck’, it’s usually caused by things that can be changed with just a little motivation. Just because things haven’t change for a while it doesn’t mean they are stuck there. Clean out your drawers, throw out the crap and keep the memories.

Become whole. Become yourself. Take your happiness into your own hands and don’t pretend like someone else will. And smile!

– Dose of Delight



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