One of my favourite feelings

I often find that at work (landscaping), my mind tends to wonder off into a deeply vivid daydreaming state of mind. My physical body switches into autopilot mode and my imagination begins to take over. I can be completely aware or completely unaware of my environment while this happens (usually unaware- a talking llama could run past me and it wouldn’t even phase me).

Whenever I ‘wake-up’ or bring myself back to complete conscious awareness I get that feeling you get after you wake up from a really good day nap. That’s the best part. My mouth begins to salivate again, my breathe still slow, my mind calm- when euphoria and pure bliss rush through your body as if you had just returned from an impossibly realistic magical land. For an instant you don’t know where you are or how you are controlling your body, but you don’t seem to care and are just so unspeakably fulfilled with the daydream you just experienced. 

This is one of my favourite feelings. It helps me recognize and appreciate the power of my brain- of all brains. You can be 100% fully functioning without consciously telling your body what to do, what parts to move, how to move, and you are still able to experience this extraordinary vivid mind palace at the same time. And when you ‘awake’ you are overcome with euphoric emotion that is simply wonderful.

Maybe that’s what makes us such creative, intellectual creatures- moments like these that occur during our ordinary lives, LET ALONE the fact that our brains our capable of creating what you are thinking of during these ‘daydreams’. We can certainly give credit to our highly active, remarkable brains that we still ironically have yet to fully comprehend, (ironic because it’s our brains doing the exploring and learning.. of themselves technically).


Anyway just wanted to share that feeling… has anyone experienced what I’m talking about?


– Dose of Delight


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