A theory on theories

We are all in plain english complex cellular organisms with profoundly extraordinary brains that sometimes get ahead of ourselves. (The following is a subjective statement that I might take back in like a year but anywho): We weren’t created for any reason. Our species evolved from the first life forms from millions of years ago and you as an individual are a product of that. A product of evolution. A product of human reproduction, a combination of egg and sperm- your mind physical, present and finite. Nothing more. You were not created for a reason. You have no destiny, no pre-determined life path, no soulmate.

That is obviously a THEORY. Now there are 2 ways of analyzing theories; the pessimistic way or the optimistic way.

Let’s begin with the pessimistic way.

There are some things we can’t wrap our heads around- some things that our minds just aren’t capable of understanding (NOT YET!.. different discussion about that) and that sometimes results in the formation of theories that simply are just the result of defence mechanisms kicking in. Let me explain. We are quite frankly a selfish, stubborn and determined species in the sense that we always crave explanation and reason- for everything. We can’t accept the fact that we will never know some things and begin to create theories about them. But what’s really happening is that it’s all just a defence mechanism to protect our egos. We are far to conceited (sorry I don’t have time to think of a more pleasant sounding word) to NOT create an explanation for things. It’s the detrimental inability to take things as they are and nothing more.

Now here’s how I look at it.

You can also choose to consider theories as exquisite products of human creativity. Without seemingly insane theories and without scientific “error” (quotation marks to emphasize the fact that scientific error is how we discover most concepts in this world), we as a species would not know as much as we do right now. Also I kind of have a theory that the majority of humanly acquired knowledge is mostly made up of theories. Remember the time when even the smartest humans in the world believed the earth was flat? Good times. Funny now hey? Just think about how many things we are wrong about at this moment.

Anyway my point is that sometimes we try to find meaning where there is none and attempt (usually failed attempts) to understand concepts that are way above our heads (eg. my brain and quantum mechanics), but on the other hand, without curiosity and imagination we have nothing. So where is the line? I guess that’s what I’m getting at. Are theories just the product of our pretentiously programmed minds trying to protect our ego or are they generated from curiosity and human imagination? Also.. what happens if we discover that a theory that we based 99% of all scientific knowledge on is in fact false. Then what? Do we start over?

Your entire life could actually just be a dream.. you could wake up one day old as an alien species in some whole other universe and everything you know right now has just been your imagination drifting in a dream. ALL THEORIES.

I guess theories are just like anything else in the world, abstractions of reality. Propositions. What’s your take on it?


– Dose of Delight




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