The theoretical token.

I promise there is meaning behind my hypothetical world here.. stick with me.

Imagine a world where every human was granted a token that could fast forward a small part of their life, even just a couple of hours, or even minutes. You could only use it once. You would still have memory of the time you ‘skipped’, however you wouldn’t have to actually experience it. Nevertheless, it would still have occurred- you aren’t changing anything. Also, It is completely irreversible, you can’t go back and change your mind. You could use it at any time you wanted (perhaps some kind of rule would be implemented where you could only use it after a certain age so that you didn’t just wastingly use it up as a child).

All of this being said, would you have used it yet?

If you answered yes then when? When would you have been most inclined to use it? Perhaps during the death of a loved one? At a ‘rock-bottom’ in your life? Think about how that time has had an effect on who you are today and what would be different if you hadn’t actually experienced it. Would you still use this token?

If you answered no to having used it yet, why not? Has nothing significantly bad enough happened to you that can justify using it yet? Answer this.. assuming nothing terrible enough happens to you.. would you EVER use it- just to pass by your worst moments? Or do you wish to experience every single moment of your life? The horrific, the heartbreaking, the boring, the daunting? Maybe that’s what makes you who you are right now.. those experiences included.

Some of us are unlucky. We can be caught in the wrong place at the wrong time and sometimes terrible things happen to us. Things that shouldn’t happen. These are times when this token concept is justifiable and would save people from unnecessary suffering. Other times, we experience pain and tragedy and don’t realize how much strength and wisdom we gain from it. We miss out on the development of foresight and judgement that comes with these experiences.

Even the little tiny things..(first world example here I know); Growing up with braces and always wishing you could just skip that awkward period of your life. Think about the confidence you gained through the process. Think about all the people who would give the WORLD to have braces. You are stuck with these things why not look at the bright side here.. sorry I’m getting completely off topic. I should really start editing these posts.

I guess my message here is to understand the importance of reflection, (without mistaking that for overanalyzing). Think about who you are today and what made you that way. Appreciate it and remember to acknowledge every part of your life, even the tougher times.

If you think about it.. a life without pain and fear and hate is a life of boredom. As darkness is the absence of light (words of Albert Einstein) and presumably silence the absence of noise, a life of happiness can only be appreciated upon exposure to the contrary.

SIDE NOTE: Allow yourself to feel pain in the moment.. you are a human being. Don’t attempt to suppress natural emotions.

– Dose of Delight





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