The Waiting Room

He was sitting. Doing nothing but innocently sitting in the waiting room.

His blackberry clasped in his right, prominent hand; undoubtably there for nothing important, just solely to help pass time as he waited impatiently for the friendly, yet slightly life-hating woman at the front desk to call his name. I came to the conclusion that his blackberry was only used to avoid the outside world as his thumb was moving at the speed of light, too fast to be reading something, (and his gaze too inconsistent for brick breaker).
He appeared almost angry- as if this were the last place he wanted to be on planet earth at this very moment.
Between his clearly premature wrinkles and his slightly receding hairline, he appeared to be much older than he probably was.
Judging by his demeanour and not to mention his pretentious choice of outfit, I couldn’t help but fill in the gaps. I immediately categorized this man in my head as one of those work-obsessed, ungrateful men and inadvertently made assumptions about his status, family life, attitude and even his hobbies….



I thought I had learned not to make snap judgements?

I noticed a girl about my age across from him clearly going through the same process.

As my brain was in the process of forming unnecessarily extreme conclusions about the man in the power suit, his elderly women walked into the room. She grabbed my attention from the moment she stepped into the waiting room. I concluded there was a zero percent chance her outfit was purchased in the past twenty years. Especially her adorably tiny nurse-style shoes. Her glasses covered a third of her precious, fragile face and her lipstick was the perfect shade of 50s red.

She started to walk towards ungrateful power-suit man, towards the (understandably) only empty chair in the room. I had this random sudden fear that somehow ungrateful power-suit man would be rude to this old lady. She seemed like the type to start up a conversation with the people sitting next to her. I didn’t want her to be shut down by this rude man!!

As suspected, I heard a faint “hello there” come out of her mouth as she slowly lowered into the chair next to him. I held my breath and  watched closely to investigate his reaction. The man began to uncrossed his leg and raised his glance right to the old lady and-

What happened next is why I am writing this post. It’s moments like this that restore my faith in humanity. Don’t get to excited, I have a feeling I’m kind of playing this up but anywho here’s what happened-

and the warmest, most genuine smile lit up his face. I instantly became overwhelmed with relief and happiness. The girl across from him was looking down at her book, but she had one of those “I’m secretly happy but am trying to hide it” clenched smiles on her face- I’m sure we were both in the same state of mind. I looked back at the man. He put his phone into his pocket and consciously shifted his body towards the old lady and said “Hi there, how are you doing today?”

That’s it have a good day.

– Dose of Delight


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