I wish and I will

What do I wish for?

To travel. To meet people from all around the world and hear their stories. I wish to step out of my comfort zone and encounter unfamiliar things. I wish to take opportunities as they come, or rather create my own. I wish to love what I am doing with my life. I wish to be happy with myself and appreciate the world I live in. I wish to live my life to its full capacity. I wish to learn as much as I can and teach as much as I know. I wish to feel like I am benefiting the world. I wish to laugh so hard my stomach hurts. And I wish to love so hard that I become myself, that I feel needed and confident. I wish to be challenged- to stay grounded and forever challenge others. 

I don’t feel the need to conform to a certain life. I don’t feel the rush to get ‘married’, to finish school, to have children. I feel that no matter what happens, I’ll only truly be happy if I do things my own way, at my own pace. That’s how I’ve always been. If I want to be an event planner, I will do that. If I want to be a youth counsellor, than I probably will do that as well. (Although I really need to rethink my photojournalism dream). I never feel totally calm and satisfied until I DO what I want (not GET what I want.. I believe things only happen if you make them), that’s just never going to change. I’m far to stubborn to conform to a rushed youthhood. I don’t need everything- trust me. I just have come to acceptance that some things I just cannot let go of. Some dreams I will not alter. 

If they ever stop making orange tictacs, I will find a way to change that, or to obtain enough supply to last me my lifetime. 

I wish to inspire. I don’t care about how many people I inspire, I just hope to somehow better another life. I wish to teach women what it is to embrace themselves and teach them how to live with confidence. I wish for the word feminist to be fully understood by others- free from stereotypes and controversy. 

I wish to do something so kind that it inspires another to do the same.

I wish for humans to be able to co-exist with every other species on our planet. I also wish for general vegetarian education.. so I will stop getting asked where I get my protein from in my “ridiculous” vegetarian diet. 

I wish for the tree population to exceed the human population. 

I wish for every sexuality accepted, every race equal, every religion respected. WORLD PEACE. 

I wish for fashion and media to encourage natural beauty, diversity (not just body types), and confidence. 

I wish to practice and promote mindfulness. 

I wish for it to be a fact that more than 5% of contact between humans is in person… not over text. 

I wish for war to be a historical term. I wish for the world to be safe enough for everyone to feel comfortable living and raising children in it. 

I realize these dreams are a tad farfetched, but this is in fact just a blog post. Hope it got you thinking about what you wish for. I feel like we avoid these little exercises because we find it extremely unrealistic to capture all of our hopes and dreams in a finite list. However, you can always add to lists, can’t you? 

Now after you make an I wish for list, rewrite it by starting every statement with “I will“. I can guarantee this little step will make you much more likely to do something after you create this list. 

 What will you do?

– Dose of Delight


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