No wonder we are indecisive

Building on a previous post about indecision (The root of my indecision)-

I came to the conclusion I am sometimes to hard on myself with my indecision and decided to blame the external world rather than myself (what us humans do best), (defense mechanism).

I was editing a photo on Instagram yesterday like the teenage girl I am and discovered its new feature. Not only must we carefully settle upon a filter to enhance our carefully selected photos, but we are now socially forced to adjust several other photographic features including brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. FURTHERMORE we have the option to adjust the INTENSITY of the chosen filter.

And it’s not like these are on/off options.. you literally drag the intensity button from 0 to 100. That’s 100 possibilities, multiplied by the number of decisions we are forced to make.. did you take data in high school? Are you aware of how many decisions that is? Does the “Mayfair” filter at 46% intensity look better than “amaro” at 96%? This now demands absurd time commitment and foolish stress to our social lives. These are ridiculous questions that should truly not have to enter our minds. Seriously. Foolish.

Once that’s completed it’s NOT OVER YET.

The caption. It must be intriguing/descriptive enough so that the world (your followers) will favourite the picture. However if there are friends in the picture we LEST NOT FORGET the entirety of every inside joke shared between the members of the picture, free from error or we fear embarrassing corrective comments. Also I say free from error because… are you ready?
ONCE YOU FINALLY AGREE ON ALL OF THESE DECISIONS which can easily be swayed by your mood, music, where you are, and other fellow decision makers (usually friends who strive to appear as BEATIFUL as possible in these pictures, which in turn leads to disappointment when people see that person in real life and was mislead about their appearance and life happiness from instragram), you can’t even edit the photo once it’s published. It’s like this added stress because once you get that first like you just cannot turn back.. there is no reviewing or decision changing.

No wonder we suffer from anxiety disorders. (Yes I realize this post half jokingly contains a “first world problems” vibe…. a lot. ya I’m very sorry)

Self serve frozen yogurt is also something I could rant about, but I do genuinely appreciate the personal involvement and freedom of choice that surrounds whole concept, since I am quite selective about toppings. 10 different flavours of fro yo and infinite topping combinations, not to mention those sauce options… “I can’t even”.

Also quick note about the famous phrase “I can’t even” being left so open ended-ly; If you think about it, it’s probably nice to not have to think for a change. This phrase can be applied to so many situations and we are in dire need of dependence in our society, so I don’t blame them for using it. (Them including me) (us.. I don’t know why I didn’t just use us but yet I’m still talking I’m brackets avoid going back to change it).

So there. Next time you go to starbucks and answer the four thousand questions the teenage hipster with glasses and bad posture asks you (maybe that’s just my starbucks..), take a moment to appreciate a simpler time when a coffee order was less than twenty syllables and was not used to provide people with satisfaction that they have just made ten decisions in under a minute. That was 100% a run-on sentence but I’ve promised myself I wouldn’t edit this post, as it would kind of battle my ‘decision making’, ‘obsessive form of thinking’ argument. The end.


– Dose of (kind of) Delight



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