Letting go vs. Giving up

Sometimes I get lost trying to differentiate letting go with giving up. It’s ironic because they are quite frankly polar opposites. Giving up requires almost zero effort, while letting go can be one of the hardest things we do. We must learn the difference in order to allow ourselves to actually feel a sense of closure with whatever you are letting go. 

We must accept that not everything is permanent and sometimes things come and go. With that being said, the goal is not to rid ourselves of all dependence when fear is the sole commander. It’s okay to get close to things. To people. They won’t ever leave you completely. That’s one of life’s gems; Even when something isn’t physically with you, it can forever remain… “within your heart”. If you are somewhat of a realist like myself and don’t view “the heart” as more than a blood-pumping organ, then at least believe in memory. That’s all we are at the bare core- a compilation of neurons and memories and fears and thoughts. To fear dependence is to fear life- it’s futile. And if things do go away, you won’t ever forget the important stuff, so stop worrying. 

– Dose of Delight 


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