Writers without an outlet

What do I mean by this..

Having things to say and no one to say it to (also known as ‘the cause of several mental disorders’). Haha.

It’s a common and unnecessary frustration, as there are outlets such as wordpress (and the entire blogging world) that are available to everyone but I find totally under-used.

There’s a sense of importance that accompanies having an audience. You are more inclined to achieve writing goals, gain motivation and feel rewarded when you attach a sense of presence to your words, when there are real eyes and ears on you. 

Writing is in fact an art is it not? Imagine a stage of dancers without an audience, a room full of art without any one to appreciate it- it’s sad isn’t it? Writing is meant to be shared, and if you disagree then write for yourself!!! Use an outlet as a space to capture your words and express yourself.

Everyone has things to say, things to write about. Writing is not only a hobby but for some also a therapy.

Don’t underestimate the magic of a writing outlet.

– Dose of Delight


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