Seeking human connection

Lately I’ve been sensing this persistent desire and craving for human connection. I find myself almost obsessing over the power of conversation and interaction with people that I forgot why I’m even at school right now. I am studying psychology, something I am extremely passionate about, and I have completely lost sight of what is beyond meeting new people and connecting with my peers. Yes, it’s wonderful having engaging conversations and experiencing the present with another human being, however there is more to that kind of fulfilment and satisfaction. There are alternative and supplementary means of mental stimulation. For example, I know this sounds ridiculously lame… But don’t underestimate the satisfaction of learning. Like actually learning about things you take interest in and acquiring knowledge that can actually improve your life and the way you think.. It’s so satisfying. I try to find pleasure in learning about psychology and not only does that distract me from obsessing with my desire to satisfy my mind through human connection, but it also keeps me quite engaged with academics. Even aside from that, like for example taking part in hobbies or (cough) WRITING about things that are on your mind (cough). You’ll be surprised how good it feels.

Yourself is the one entity that will indefinitely remain with you forever.

Take that into consideration next time you find yourself seeking comfort through others.

– Dose of Delight


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