Some things I learned last year/life stuff.

Sort of a different style of post.. kind of a reflection of my mood right now.

Some things I learned last year / life advice / I want to feel wise / I am bored waiting for my class to start. Here we go.

1. You must live as you are unique, not as you are ordinary. You’ll be happier, more confident and more admired/respected with this attitude.

2. Stop letting people make you feel guilty or inferior, because you shouldn’t ever feel like that if there is no reason to be. Yes, people have stories, but that doesn’t excuse them of all behaviour. STAND UP FOR YOURSELF. (Don’t read that as corny I’m serious).

3. Brush off the small things. They do not matter- trust me… You’ll get the hang of it.

4. If you are not exposed to something, you are not expected to be an expert at it. Don’t pretend like you are and accept that it is okay to still be learning. Ask stupid questions and you will get smarter (others really do have the same questions).

5. You are more loved than you think you are. Don’t let the bad experiences dominate your thoughts.

6. Keep note of your wild ideas, and pursue them.

*cough* make a bucket list RIGHT now *cough*

7. Practice mindfulness and patience when you most don’t want to.

8. Every single body is perfect, what’s not perfect is how we view them and view ourselves. I’ve witnessed way to many people who struggle with self-image and aren’t even themselves because of it. Just be healthy, it’s that simple.

9. Give yourself a break. Sometimes you don’t realize how much knowledge you’ve acquired in one day, so take your nap and revitalize.

10. Eat well, exercise and drink water… You have no idea how much it pays off.

11. Challenge yourself. Let yourself go, and don’t worry about being judged, people can deal.

12. Indulge wisely. Yes, it is possible to indulge wisely. Stay organized and think your purchase decisions through.

13. START A BLOG CAUSE IT’S THE BEST THING THAT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU. It doesn’t matter what you say, or who many people like/read what you are saying.. it is for yourself. Just try it. Writing is magical.

14. If you really want to inspire people, exert confidence and kindness.

15. Read books. ur vocab will gt better and u wll be able 2 communikate wat u rly mean. Which is great when you are in arguments because you will be taken more seriously when you can express yourself properly.

16. Explore your surroundings. I discovered a spot in the Arts building last year where I love to study, and I had just stumbled upon it while I was exploring my university.

17. Go outside. Go for walks, see things, clear your mind, feel the breeze.

18. Don’t waste your life pretending to be happy. Do things that make you happy, switch programs (I did and I’m the happiest person ever), and pursue your aspirations. Why does it matter how conventional you are? Be interesting and unique it’s much more fun.

19. When you are walking alone and you feel like the world is starring at you, take a moment and take a deep breathe. Remember that literally no one is looking at you (are you looking at anyone??), and distract yourself with happy thoughts (or try naming all the states that’s what keeps me occupied if I am walking and bored). LET your mind wander, let yourself think of the craziest of things. Entertain yourself.

20. Random acts of kindness… do them. It’s super fun. (If it helps you do it with a friend).

So there you haven’t. I have slight OCD and needed to finish off with a rounded number like 20 so I apologize for the length of this post but there you go, hope you learned something.

– Dose of Delight


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