Feeling inspired at inconvenient times

I feel like I get inspired to write in the most inconvenient situations. Example: right now. I have a midterm tomorrow. And what has inspired me to write has already occupied my day and decreased my time left to study. And I can’t just write down key words and except to complete my thought later, because when you are inspired by something, you feel very ‘in the mood’

side note: ‘in the mood’ refers to that mood you get in when you feel as though every word you’ve been exposed to in your whole life in perfectly assessable, and your mind is continuously forming these seemingly infinite connections between feelings and experiences and is lubricated and searchable.

Bleh i just feel weird today.. I want to use this blog as an escape from the world and a tool of procrastination.

Also want to share that most of the posts I write don’t get published on this blog.. I have a secret temple of thoughts in my “drafts” section. (In case you are wondering why I’ve been posting so little recently).

Anyway.. hope you have a lovely day full of productivity and motivation to balance out my horrific academic mindset today.

Time to study..

– Dose of (sort of) Delight


2 thoughts on “Feeling inspired at inconvenient times

  1. also- quote from my friend Maddie: “inconvenient times to feel inspired? Like when you are trying to study (glares at me), when you’re mind is alive and you search for anything to distract you.”


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