Music library

There is so much going through my life right now that I have decided to discuss none of it and write about something that’s on my mind (as usual…)

I just went through my entire music library deleting songs because I was massively annoyed by the fact that every time I shuffle my songs something embarrassing or ancient comes on. Side note: this activity was extremely rejuvenating… I kind of feel like when my music is organized, so am I.. Is that a thing?

And so I started to notice a few trends. The words “fire”, “love”, “walk”, “young”, “stay”, “breathe” and “stay” appeared freakishly frequently.

Possible reasons:

1. These are simply common song title words

2. I am drawn to genres which are more likely to include these words

3. [the psychoanalyst in me] I am somehow drawn to these words due to past experiences or evolutionary predispositions. Perhaps I am attracted to the word “fire”, as it sparks (pun intended) a passion inside of me. Perhaps the word “youth” appeals to the adventure-craving, wild side of my imagination.

And I actually discovered some outstanding music that has gotten lost in my music library over the years.. Either way I thought it was cool. Try it.

– Dose of Delight


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