“In your head” and “in your heart”

This is actually quite an interesting dichotomy… the idea of “two minds” was derived from Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence.

The idea that we as humans, in a very real sense, have two different ways of thinking. We have our rational mind (typical conscious awareness, thoughtful, able to reflect) and our emotional mind (impulsive, powerful, and sometime illogical). Now obviously, physiologically this is not entire as simple as it sounds, however I am nonetheless interested in the concept.

Have you ever witnessed, or experienced yourself, a time where one’s words or behaviour contrast other (perhaps more emotionally triggered) responses? Like when someone’s eyes tear up while verbally saying they are fine and not sad? Yeah, that would be these two “minds” acting simultaneously.

But which is correct? Hmm. What does correct mean here? There’s no dictionary on correct feelings. All we have is natural selection and evolution behind us. There’s no right way to feel, there’s just years of selection that has directed what you should best be thinking in order to survive (see my last post on the root of emotions).

Interestingly, the emotional brain evolved long before rational one, as we observe by analyzing the growth of the neocortex. This explains why our emotional brain is slightly more “controlling” than our rational (obviously not generalized to include every human being). I guess over the years, we have survived best with our emotional brain slightly more prominent (yay natural selection- this post should inspire you to trust your instincts).

So, to conclude, there is ACTUALLY some science behind the folk distinction between thinking with your “head” and thinking with your “heart”.

– Dose of Delight


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