Root of Emotion

Some notes from the first few concepts in Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence: The root of the word emotion is motere, the latin verb “to move”, with the prefix “e-” meaning “move away”.

Basic emotions:

Anger: blood flows to brain (easier to grasp weapons), heart rate increases, hormones released to increase energy (=vigorous action) eg. adrenaline

Fear: blood flows to large skeletal muscles (eg. legs- easy to flee), making white from lack of blood, body freezes- just for a moment- to gauge fight or flight (totally instinctive response), hormones released from emotion center in brain = general alert for body (to focus of appraisal of situation)

Happiness: increased activity in brain center (neg feelings inhibited, increase in available energy, rid of worrisome thoughts), no significant physiological response (easier to get here after bad emotions- place of ease)

Love (feelings, sexual satisfaction): parasympathetic arousal (opposite of fight or flight response, more like a state of relaxation), calm and contentment eases cooperation

Surprise: lift of eyebrows (allows larger visual sweep, more light to retina), allows more info about event (best appraisal)

Disgust: wrinkled nostrils and upper lip curled to side (PRIMORDINAL: Darwin says: to rid smell of noxious odour or to spit of poisonous food).

Sadness: main function is to adjust from significant loss or major disappointment (low energy and low metabolism allows time to mourn loss or frustrated hope and grasp its consequences for one’s life). As energy returns– plan new beginnings, learn how to recover. (Just overall an effective way to cope with loss).

Kinda cool eh?

– Dose of Delight


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