“In the moment”?

Is it better to live your life completely in the present and not worry about capturing memories OR is it better to ensure you keep a souvenir, or photograph, or journal entry just for your memory? Sometimes I too focused on rehearsing something in my head to make sure that I write about it later than I am focused on what’s taken my attention in the first place. Is that really the way I should be going about it? Maybe it’s actually more special if I forget about later. That’s a tough thing to swallow, as I want to believe that I’ll hold my happy memories with me, even as a reminder of what I’ve experienced. Or maybe my memory of it will be even more authentic and rich if I just let my entire self indulge in it. If not, then the actual experience sure will be. I’m almost positive we lose acuity and emotional experience when we aren’t entirely focused on something.

I know in class at least, if I spend the lecture copying down notes I learn far less than if I actually listen and focus my energy on the material or what is being said.

My point is.. am I missing out on things if I’m concerned about capturing a moment more than experiencing it? Should I just drop my camera, drop my notebook, drop my phone and let my sensory and perception systems do their thing? They’re pretty good at it. Trust me I’m studying this stuff right now in psych.

I think I should start thinking about that more often. Try it.

– Dose of Delight


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