A Summer’s Guide to Proactivity

IT’S SO DIFFICULT TO START BLOG POSTS SOMETIMES. I think I have deleted that sentence four times now. Five.


Do you ever feel like you have all this energy and dedication but nothing to put it towards. Sometimes when I’m super busy at school I think of all the things I want to do and how much I’m going to get done during the summer. Then the summer comes… I watch five and a half seasons of Gossip Girl and make 20 unfinished friendship bracelets out of the same three string colours, (I cannot bare to even consider leaving my room to go buy more colours). AND YET STILL NOTHING IMPORTANT HAS BEEN ACCOMPLISHED AND I AM LEFT FEELING UNSATISFIED AND.. well quite frankly.. hopeless.

So what’s the problem? Do I not have ideas? Are my ideas too unrealistic? Do I just need inspiration?

I think I just need to settle on something. I have so many mini-projects that are half-started it’s getting uncontrollable. First I wanted to learn Spanish.. then once I decided I had close to zero motivation to learn a language that literally no one in my life speaks I thought I might take up sailing. That one lasted two days (although did last quite longer on my Pinterest page). Next was photography, ask me if I ever even opened my “Digital Photography Handbook” from Chapters. Don’t get me wrong I still use my camera and know how to handle it but frankly I cannot confidently say I see myself pursuing a career in photography. Then what was it.. ah yes! Banjo! Didn’t even make the purchase.

The only real things I kind of stuck to were either school-related (my weird burning passion for psychology and club-management hasn’t seized to disappoint), guitar, and dance/yoga. And blogging kind of. Sidenote: [I read a post the other day that I had written just over a year ago. I opened by addressing my 5 followers at the time. How sad. I know I’m still not writing for the New York Times but some 93 people at one point, for some odd reason, decided to click the “follow” button on my website- that’s kind of cool. Thank you by the way]. So, I mean, it’s possible. I’m sure if I put more energy into this blog I’d get even more and become a MUCH better writer (and write much better posts than these self-reflective babbles).

This summer I’ve made some goals. Goals regarding literature, diet, exercise and writing. I’ve decided if I can stick to these goals I will feel satisfied and happy. The difference is not what these goals are but how I’m going about achieving them. Hence this list:


(I read that lists are more appealing then paragraphs… I’ve even bolded things for you):

1. Make a list of things you want to accomplish this summer, include everything. (Get fit, learn an instrument, learn a language, organize recipe books, paint your bedroom, vegetarianism, whatever enters your mind).

2. Cross out the things that are 100% unrealistic, (i.e. building your own rocket ship to explore the milky way).

3. Cross out the things that you don’t actually care that much about.. you will probably give up on these things after 1 week. (This will probably be things that have no relation to anything else in your life and are likely to lose your interest quickly).

4. Pick 1-3 out of the remain items. Any more and you will lose your focus and motivation.

5. Make a schedule/clear timeline of how you will achieve each goal. Give yourself enough time and make sure you take baby steps (eg. losing weight: create workout/meal plans BEFORE HAND. You will get nothing done otherwise). Consider other things going on in your life. You are probably busier than you think (once you start work and require a full 9 hours of sleep).

6. Post your schedule/reminders somewhere you pass EVERY single day (make them big, clear and simple).

7. Create checkpoints (like weigh-ins). (eg. getting fit: take photos of yourself every month, or learning piano: have a recital or test at the end of each new ‘lesson’). This will keep you on track and KEEP YOU MOTIVATED ONCE YOU SEE HOW FAR YOU’VE GOTTEN!

8. Reward? A chocolate cupcake?

Lastly, write everything down on paper (if it makes sense to). Paper is a physical entity that cannot be minimized or deleted with the tap of a finger. There’s also studies that show that more shit gets done when you write it down, rather than type it (had to do with memory encoding).

The end.

Happy goal-setting! Stay dedicated.

– Dose of Delight


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