Subconscious vs. Unconscious Mind

PSYCH 101! I’ve realized I make this error a lot, so I decided to end this eternal confusion once and for all. [This error I’m referring to is the misuse of subconsciousness vs. unconsciousness].

Basically, our minds can be divided into three systems (according to our main man, Freud)— and no, Freud is not the god of psychology if you ask me.. Freudian theory makes up like 6% of APA [American Psychology Associaion]– These brackets are getting excessive. I’ll work on that.

Here we are:

1. The Conscious mind/ego (10%): information in your awareness at a present moment. These can be external or internal awarenesses. The conscious mind has two cool abilities. First, directing focus to a specific stimulus or mental process. Second, its ability to imagine non-reality.

2. The Subconscious/preconscious mind (50-60%): information that is accessible right below your conscious awareness (quite easily). For example, you are driving to work and talking to your boyfriend at the same time. The route to work is part of your subconscious awareness, meaning it is right below your conscious awareness. You are not consciously thinking about it, however it can be accessed very easily.

3. The Unconscious mind (30-40%): information that is not accessible by your conscious mind. These are your primitive, instinctual desires. The unconscious mind is like a storage system of everything you’ve experienced. Like a library of perceptual and factual information that has accumulated throughout your life. We can sometimes observe unconscious thought, mainly through our behaviour, beliefs and habits.

Information can jump between levels of awareness. Our conscious and unconscious mind can communicate via our subconscious mind. How? Your feelings, dreams, sensations, etc.

These levels of consciousness propose meaning to all interactions with the world to humans. How cool is that?

– Dose of Delight


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