Unaddressed pool of worry

So. I used to burry all deep, seemingly unsolvable problems beneath my focus on immediate life and I’ve just now realized how harmful that’s been. Over the the past couple months I’ve been putting in more of an effort into acknowledging these issues and trying to deal with them.

It’s been…. well, WAY more helpful than I expected. Literally all it takes is writing these things down on a piece of paper and spending ten minutes thinking of a way to deal with it. I feel 100 times more productive and WAY less anxious/stressed/uneasy knowing that there isn’t always a pool of unaddressed worry building up in my mind.

It’s quite rewarding.. I can confidently say that I’m actively dealing with everything that’s kept me anxious over the years (most of them already gone).

Hope this inspires someone to be productive and take their problems into their own hands.

Cool, good chat.

– Dose of Delight


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