The Smell of Cigarettes

I found this is the ‘note’ of my phone and as I read it I felt as if I was re-experiencing what I was thinking and feeling while writing it, even though I do not recall directly writing this.

It’s fascinating how certain words or smells or feelings just stick with you. The way they are all connected in our heads.. it’s just so cool knowing that no one else can connect these things in the exact way someone else could. In fact this may be completely meaningless to you. Well.. here we are:

The smell of cigarettes

Cheap motels and ice cream cones

Public pools and summer-long blisters 

Carnival rides one screw from breaking and hair dye stained towels

Uncomfortable shoes and that extraordinary breeze that comes and goes 

My grandfather.

A couple drops of rain while the fireworks begin 

The ones you love. The ones that love you. The overlap of those two statements– the magic

Half chipped nail polish and feathers in my hair

These are the ones that remain

These are the ones that exist

They are mine

All mine.


– Dose of Delight


One thought on “The Smell of Cigarettes

  1. Hi DD. Thus is something off topic, but I wonder what city the picture shows. I mean, is that how they travel? Must be a very windy ride. Just curious.
    (PS: sorry, looks like I just missent a comment for the ‘About’ page into your email) :mrgreen:


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