See the world through evErY sEnSe

Have you ever consider how much we rely on our vision? We should really practice consolidating our other senses.

Today I had this thought and decided it would be fun to live with my eyes closed for a few minutes as I cleaned my room (as one does..)

Result: Nearly broke my guitar and also cheated 4 times. 

Why am I writing about this? Because I’m the strangest person on earth? Maybe I just want to make a point that vision is like (just about) 10000000000x more important than our other senses and we aren’t even mindful of this in our daily lives. You could almost say we “take it for granted” (if you think about how many people are not able to see as we are). You could even read these words right now. You wouldn’t even know what things ACTUALLY looked like, since the description someone could give you is not something you would have seen before.

It’s the same with our other senses- when you are smelling a candle, how do you describe it?  Vanilla? Flowers? Laundry? Okay but how do you know what that smells like if you haven’t even smelled the descriptive terms before?

Just a thought. Be contented by the fact that you can see the world as it truly is with your naked eye. Appreciate your eyeballs. And try to explore your other senses. Listening to music, notice smells, really taste your food. Spice up your life (that was intended to be a Spice Girls reference).

– Dose of Delight


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