Living in the Comfort of Plans

I, Michelle, live in the comfort of plans. I am terrified by the boundless possibilities of life, as wonderful as that freedom is.

Don’t get caught up in plans.

Plans are temporary and based off of information that may have been true at the time the plan was made but may not be true anymore.  It’s okay to change plans, to try things out, to play things by ear.

Our lives are so short in the grand scheme of things. They are also highly insignificant if you consider the complexity of our entire universe, so why stress and obsess over plans when really none of it matters THAT much. You will live, you will die, that is the end. Nothing more. No one cares what school you went to or which flavour of cake you chose for your wedding. You are remembered and loved for things that are far more important than the decisions you make in life. These are the things that come natural to us. Our subconscious desires, the way we behave, think, feel, talk, make people smile.

These are things we don’t need to consciously control, so have faith in that no matter what decisions you settle on, you will always remain yourself and have those core “things” (sorry it’s 2am my vocab is shot).  Whatever flavour of cake you settle on, know that you will be happy either way (sorry that was so corny and unoriginal)– life will go on, and for the majority of your remaining life you probably won’t even think back on these little decisions.

Cut yourself some slack, smile, and live.

Check in with yourself once in a while and think about how you are living your life. If you aren’t happy with what you see, change your plans. Don’t be scared off by the boundless possibilities of life and pick one route you like (doesn’t have to be the best one).

[That was 99% me talking to myself, 1% hoping that helps someone.]


– Dose of Delight


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