I am still alive and hello.

SOOO I know it’s been a while since I have posted.. Seven weeks to be exact. I am deeply sorry, as I know an incredibly large number of people read this blog (did you miss my sarcasm?)

This summer has been crazy (in a good way), and a lot has happened. I finally feel like I’ve found my place in life and have actual specific goals. I am healthy and happy and ready to start blogging again. Yay!

I’ll make a post about my life plans but I just wanted to post and say hi and verbally consent to posting much more frequently now. I’m kind of at a “blank canvas” point in my life right now in the sense that I’ve just took on some new lifestyle changes and school is starting and NEW THINGS ARE HAPPENING and that’s extremely exciting (and nerve racking) for me. Sorry that was a run on sentence.

Also my page has endured some minor renos of which I will explain in the following paragraph:

POSTS will vary in content, however you can click either the “vegan” or “psychology” tabs to refine content (since that’s basically all I talk about). Oh yes, I should probably mention that I have transitioned from vegetarian to vegan and became obsessed with cooking and health and food photography.

Which leads me to my last updated: Vegan food instagram account! (@bowlsnbliss).

Talk soon- I’ve got a LOT to talk about so it’s going to be an active few months.

– Dose of Delight


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