15 things I’ve learned as a vegan.

THIS IS NOT JUST FOR VEGANS (although, I apologize if I sound like a raging vegan activist). By the way if you were wondering I was a vegetarian for a year before switching. Also if you were wondering I am a high-carb plant-based vegan.

Yeah, I went vegan. And it’s the best decision I have ever made. No, I’m not going to rant about the ethics of veganism- not to worry. That’s for another post..

This whole transition has taught me more about myself and my personal health/happiness than any book or class or anything has ever taught me. Here are 15 things I’ve learned so far that I think are most important!

  1. How close minded and judgmental I used to be about veganism. Self explanatory. I was blind to literally everything about veganism. Health, ethics, everything. Ever since I’ve switched I’ve been more open-minded about other things (especially with people) and that has been… Well. Very, very wonderful.
  2. Don’t let society dictate how you live. Veganism has taught me not to let society dictate how I live and I’ve kind of been applying that concept to other aspects of my life. For example, going out to the bar every weekend. If I don’t feel like going out and I want to stay in and writing for 4 hours that’s what I’m going to do. [By “not to let society dictate how I live” I don’t mean like rebelling against society, but rather the idea of thinking on my own. Using my brain. Questioning things I’m unsure about. We are quite intelligent creatures, we SHOULD be using our intelligence to assure ourselves of the things we are weary about.]
  3. Food combining. This was a completely new concept to me. When I first switched I felt bloated sometimes after eating until I discovered food combining (thank you YouTube). Ever since my digestion/bloating situation has been nothing but perfect. (Food combining is basically about food digestion times. Eg. Fruit digests faster than beans. Try not to eat a bunch of watermelon right after dinner. It will sit on top until the beans digest and you will feel bloated. This really isn’t an issue for some people, but for me it’s been great! 
  4. Listen to your body. I eat when I’m hungry, I stop when I’m full. I sleep when I am tired and I don’t force myself to workout if I am not feeling it. And guess what? My workouts are better, I eat healthier, and I sleep like a happy rock. I’ve also developed a very good relationship with food. I view food as fuel- as energy- as something good and tasty! Not something that should make me feel anxious or stressed. Because let’s face it, I LOVE FOOD!
  5. How amazing it feels to be vegan. Not only because of the amazing food I’m putting in my body and the absence of all the terrible life-threatening crap in meat/dairy, but just as a citizen on this planet. Just knowing I am helping animals, our planet, the air we breathe, the amount of water I’m saving! It’s incredible and every time I put food in my mouth I am.. I can’t even explain. Pure delight.
  6. One person can make such a huge difference: Click here. This sums it up. (http://www.cowspiracy.com/infographic/). People always say things like “I can’t cut our meat, BACON!!!” Like okay you don’t sign a freaking agreement chaining yourself to a vegan cult. You can reduce your meat intake if you want. Also, the feeling for eating vegan surpasses the taste of any non-vegan food I can think of (unless you know nothing about veganism and aren’t in that mindset than I get why you would say that!.
  7. How much stronger you will become as a person. People are constantly judging and questioning you and you’re forced to stand up for yourself and your values on a daily basis. This has helped me in so many other ways, My confidence has grown and I have just generally benefitted from having such strong morals.
  8. I’m happy all the time. Serotonin’s doing. Google this, I won’t rant for 200 hours about “happy foods”. But yeah, 90% of the foods vegans eat are “happy foods”.
  9. No more feeling guilty. I don’t eat meat/dairy and also stay away from refined sugars and oils and I have no reason to restrict my food. I can eat 400 banans and feel good about it. Any diet that makes you restrict calories is NOT HEALTHY. I ordered pizza the other day and felt great about it. Whole wheat crust with tomato sauce and a bunch of veggies? Sounds fine to me.. It’s the meat and cheese that makes it so greasy and unhealthy. ALSO, ETHICALLY- no guilt. Cruelty free foods make you feel better.
  10. Balance. Here’s the deal.. you aren’t eating empty calories. Everything you eat is FILLLLEDDD with nutrients (unless you’re a vegan who sits and eats vegan cake all day). Vegan food is quite easy to digest so you’ll be eating more frequently. You will be totally satisfied as long as you eat a good amount of food! Who doesn’t love eating a bunch of homemade potato fries and pasta? (Kidding eat your veggies, kids. Which reminds me..)
  11. Salads? Ew. I hate most salads. You don’t need to just eat salads. You can get your veggies in other ways. Don’t NOT go vegan because you hate salad.
  12. Cure for anxiety (and everything). My anxiety has seriously been reduced. I still have some minor OCD but panic and GAD has seriously become way less of an issue for me. In fact I haven’t yet had a panic attack since going vegan. Veganism is magical. It cures diabetes, cancer, heart issues, literally everything. Google it. Like there are too many books and published scientific articles for me to even share with you.
  13. Feeling grounded. This I cannot explain. I just feel a lot more grounded and informed about things. Maybe because I don’t feel trapped doing things without knowing why.
  14. Protein? This one makes me laugh. Yeah, we get more than enough. And other nutrients meat-eatings are probably deficient in. My cronometer has been over 115% protein every day this week, thank you very much. (Also I’d like to point out that I am no longer anemic and have been able to donate blood like 6 times now).
  15. Life paths. Veganism is still not super common and choosing this lifestyles opens your eyes up to how easy and amazing it feels to do things you want. I’ve now reconsidered my entire life just by going vegan. I’m doing what I love and I’m so much more passionate focusing on the things that make me happy.

I mean I could keep writing but I think 15 is enough for now. Anyone reading a vegan, or want to be? Comment or contact me 🙂 If not, contact me anyway cause I’m just sitting here procrastinating doing my readings.

– Dose of Delight


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