A blank canvas.

In my last post I mentioned how my life is sort of like a “blank canvas” right now. I’m just starting school again, I’ve moved back into my house in London and I’ve made some lifestyles changes and I am very excited and passionate about (including writing/blogging, veganism/health, mental health, etc).

I feel like I’m constantly learning new information in every aspect of my life. Like I will never run out of things to learn that fascinate me (hence my new life plans that I WILL eventually post about).

For psychology’s sake, not even the most intelligent scientists on Earth have fully mastered all the complexities of the human brain. There is always something new to discover- something new to observe- to understand. That’s what drives me.

With regards to veganism, the idea that even the things we’ve been raised to be factually correct can be completely false makes me realize that all we’ve ever known has the possibility of being flawed. All we have ever known, or studied, or even seen before our eyes could be misinterpreted, or non existent, or just plain wrong. There can always more behind the story.

EXAMPLE: We have been led to believe that dairy is a great source of calcium by dieticians and health professionals for GOD KNOWS how long now. While dairy has calcium in it, the fact remains that dairy products raise the level of acidity in our bodies and the only way our body knows how to bring itself back to a stable alkaline level is by using the calcium from our bones. So we’re really loosing calcium. This discovery explains the research on positive correlations of dairy intake and osteoporosis.

So there you have it. Don’t take things as they are, always try to use your brain. You are intelligent and meant to questions things. And it’s cool to prove things wrong and change the world for the better.

– Dose of Delight



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