Her lips pursed, her eyes devilish- she placed an erringly perfect folded napkin on top of the teapot while her other hand chocked the handle, pouring the tea into the mug. The sound of the water pouring into the mug twisted my insides and physically induced a cringe in my posture, a squint in my right eye- the left eye completely closed as if noise was visual and closing my eyes would aid my discomfort.

Her first sip so loud I literally began to search the restaurant for judgmental and irritated looks, but I didn’t find one. I wondered if my hearing was heightened, as a result of my incredible focus on her horrific etiquette. I was far too surprised not to find one supporter in the room.

As as began to lift the teapot back to rest, I could almost hear a flicking noise as she whipped her eyes at mine. A laser beam of evil stung my eyes and I had to look down. I felt defeated, as if she had slain me with a sword.

She will forever remain a mystery in my head, as I cannot seem to wrap my head around how this creature was created. This strange, wicked creature.

Yes, this character does exist. I will not share her name or physical details for internet purposes, but she does exist. And every time I see her my thoughts become poetic. My heightened state of agitation somehow evokes a whole new element of language and thought.

I usually end my posts with some token of optimism. So here you are; make the things that slowly kill you inside sound beautiful.

– Dose of Delight


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