Admitting you are attracted to someone.

Pretext: My Science of Romantic Relationships prof started our first lecturing discussing the fact that campus is literally just a pool of young adults checking each other out 100% of the time and my friend and I (along with the rest of the class) laughed for like 10 minutes because it’s just so true. 

So. The end of my last post brought me to another realization: Why are we so hesitant to admit that we are attracted to people? We are LITERALLY made to pro-create. Sex, love, attraction, it’s all part of the human character. It’s part of all of our lives. And I’m at an age where it’s normal to feel these things. Like think of our parents.. when you’re mom is like “ouuuu you like him!” and you get all awkward and uncomfortable. I mean, she literally lives with and is married to the guy she’s interested in, like right in front of your face. And never feels uncomfortable. So unfair.

I guess it’s because this is still all new to us. This “vulnerability”- it’s quite scary at first. We don’t all cope that well. The discomfort might just stem from the fact that things are so mysterious and ambiguous at this age. Does he like me back? Will people judge me if I’m attracted to him? Am I supposed to make a move or do I wait for him to? I mean you get over that once you hit that point when feel comfortable telling 100% of your girlfriends about the guy you like and never shut up about it. But still, from time to time we still all feel that discomfort.

I don’t have anything you can take away from this I just wanted to talk about how annoying that is. I guess that might be the fun of this whole thing though.. Nerves are still some form of arousal. God I hate the word arousal- doesn’t that make you feel uncomfortable? But I mean, that’s what it all stems down to. AROUSAL (things become more comfortable when you repeat them a lot). Arousal.  Brain chemistry. Dopamine being released. That’s all feelings are.. the release of certain neurotransmitters.

I’m gonna cut myself off and leave that there.

Fun fact: You actually become aroused just hearing or reading the word arousal. So.. there you are. Arousal.

– Dose of Deilght


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