The Regret.

You know when you have a thought, like you want to say something or do something, but it kind of scares you to do? And the tiny drop of fear inside of you takes over your head and you don’t end up doing it? And you end up regretting not doing anything for the rest of the day, maybe for the rest of your life? The “why didn’t I”. Yeah, that happened to me today.

I won’t bore you with the details, but basically I’m a huge chicken and I’m even more frustrated because I have recently committed myself to being a yes person and taking on these kinds of opportunities. Even if that is just saying hello, or asking for a nice, funny and decently good looking guy’s name that you’ve been talking to all class and are probably never going to see again (not that that’s what happening this morning or anything…)

How do we overcome this fear? It’s like I physically cannot force myself to do certain things. Like it would be completely impossible for me to open my mouth and say certain words. WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN? Do we need practice? Maybe I’ll slowly take on little fears like saying hello to strangers THEN I can have the confidence to say hello to a person who I might possibly maybe possibly maybe be attracted to.. maybe. In some tiny way. [Continues in next post].

Please do me a favour and do it. Do the thing you are thinking of. For me. At least knowing you guys will take one tiny, little leap will relieve my regret.

– Dose of Delight



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