Forward, down or closed. Our eyes wander. Our eyes search. Our eyes focus.

Forward, down or closed. We live our lives on one plane. One level of existence. Forward- we’re living. Down- submission. Closed- we’re sleeping.

We are scientists of nature. We question, we ponder, and we theorize. We live in our heads and dream the impossible.

We often consider the world beyond us, yet we never seem to.. look up.

Forward, down or closed- yet seldom up. What do we see when we look up? We see the stars, planets, suns, galaxies, the infinitely expanding universe. Yes, it puts things in perspective and reassures us of how minuscule we are on the grand scale of things. But looking up does something else.

We study the universe, and we often even think about the fact that we are simply one human on one planet in one galaxy of the universe. And we often find reassurance in this thought. But the problem is that we are thinking in our heads, not seeing this for it’s present reality. An abstract thought vs a concrete reality.

Look up.. you can literally see the universe. And if you’re anything like me, you are immediately hit with this wave of permanence. In developmental psych last year, we learned about object permanence. As infants we develop the ability to understand that objects still exist even when we aren’t looking at them. It’s the same thing here.. We are adult human beings and still often forget that the rest of the universe exists, accompanying our egomaniacal lives (yup that’s a word- just googled it).

So next time you’re coming home at night, or leaving your night class (me tonight), just look up for a second. Observe it’s permanence. It will [ironically] ground you.

– Dose of Delight


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