Inspiration overload

I’M SO INSPIRED I CANNOT EVEN HANDLE IT. Yes, that is correct; I cannot even.

Things that have inspired me lately that I cannot get out of my brain:

  1. Volunteering at an elephant sanctuary in Cambodia. This girl I watch on YouTube is there now and I saw her video about it and something lit up inside of me and anywho… I ended up applying for the hell of it and they replied saying my application got accepted and now I’m dying because I want to go more than anything but have like 0 money. Which leads me to #2
  2. Getting a job I love that pays me actually money. I’ve been brainstorming things I can do that I love and am good at for money (I have some ideas of which I will discuss at a later time). Which leads me to #3 (why didn’t I make this one huge paragraph? Cause this is more fun apparently). 
  3. This girl on Instagram. This girl liked my photo on my food account on insta- @bowlsnbliss (yes, advertising myself)- and I was checking out her account and was super intrigued cause her photos are awesome… And in her bio she linked the companies she works with and something just resonated with me. Her life seemed to connect with all of my passions in life- food, photography, design, writing/blogging, project managing, travelling and hearing people’s stories. So what did I do? I e-mailed her creepily asking her how she got to where she is in life. I’ll post if she ever replies, (which I doubt, I mean it’s quite a creepy e-mail to receive from a total stranger… her fault for liking my photo though).
  4. The Vegan Community. I don’t know why but it’s just incredible how veganism brings humans together. It’s actually quite beautiful. There’s a vegan society at my school and we have potlucks and dinners and listen to talks and etc etc IT IS WONDERFUL and I am so thrilled to be a part of it (even though I just brought Oreos to the last potluck because I had zero time to cook/bake). Even online.. this community is extraordinary. YouTube, Facebook, everything. I commented on this girl’s video on YouTube today and she replied within minutes and now we’re having stimulating conversation about things I didn’t even know people other than me thought about.
  5. Being alone. I’ve been taking the train quite a bit, due to my endless weekly Wednesday morning appointments back at home, and I’ve come to realize how important ‘alone time’ is. I do some pretty intense and healthy thinking when I’m alone on a train. My thoughts are clear and easy and deep and I have no other place I can be in that moment.
  6. My general mood is weirdly inspiring… I blame veganism. Sorry I won’t shut up about it but it’s more than just the food I’m eating, it’s the whole idea of it. You feel so inspired just subconsciously knowing the good you are doing for animals, the planet, and other humans (AND YOURSELF).

The end. Hope y’all are feeling inspired. It’s kind of nice.

– Dose of Delight


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