Jumping Back Into Thoughts

My entire blog post pool consists of incomplete thoughts and unfinished stories. I need to start committing to my posts or else I’m just never going to be posting anything.

It’s incredibly difficult to jump back into certain thoughts. Sometimes it requires a specific state of mind. Sometimes we are only in a certain place in our lives for the briefest moment and we will simply never be able to return to it.

Have you ever been in the middle of an insanely difficult math problem, or in the deepest of deepest of philosophical conversations and you realize that if you were to divert your attention for even just a second you would never be able to jump back into it? Yeah, that’s normal. It’s pretty damn tricky.

What helps is using your phonological loop (your inner voice). And turning abstract thought into words- into memorable concepts. Speak to yourself clearly and try to simplify concepts into things you can remember easily. Once you paint a less complicated picture of something in your head, you can use that as a stepping stone to get back into wherever your mind was. Try to backtrack how you got there. Say you’re on the train and you have this crazy idea for a blog post but your laptop is dead- don’t just write down a few “keywords” or doodles, try to actually recall how you got to that thought and simplify it into something you’ll remember.

There’s my spiel for the night,

– Dose of Delight


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