A Letter for Me

  1. We all underestimate our own intelligence. Our own advice, our own thoughts.
  2. If you want something cool to happen in your life, make it happen for yourself. Don’t just sit there waiting.

Today I decided to write a letter to myself to the future on a completely arbitrary day of 2018, and I recommend you try it too. I know it seems childish or dumb in the moment, but I promise you that you will forget about it and on that day you will be astounded by the innovation your past self. You don’t need to write anything incredibly specific or particularly inspiring, just anything you wish to remind yourself in the future. Even simply a thought you’d had that day. ANYTHING you are currently thinking will seem fascinating or thoughtful to your future self.

I set a reminder on my gmail, since I’m much more likely to keep my e-mail than my phone or any other electronic (we all know how quickly those break or get updated).

I hope this becomes a practice of mine, and I have eventually have something to open a few times a year.

You’ll be hearing from me on November 23rd, 2018.

– Dose of Delight


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