What is most important?

What is MOST important in this moment?

I’ve been asking myself this question quite often lately. Sometimes while I’m studying or doing something productive with my life I get distracted by something else that can sometimes seem more important than what I was doing before. It’s important to make the distinction between something genuinely important, and something that can easily wait until later.

If you classify your thought as genuinely important, you are consciously pushing your prior engagement and have chosen to dedicate your time to this thought. If once you’ve realized this, you still feel that it remains the best choice for you in this moment, then do it.

You really have to listen to yourself. The other day I left my actuarial science lecture.. to go study for actuarial science.. on my own… I was not listening to one word of the lecture and was cold and uncomfortable and then once I left and studied that material on my own I was mind blown with how much I gained.

However, as I said you have to be careful and think about what you are choosing to do. Sometimes you just need a break, head to the gym, watch a show, have a snack, something to get you refreshed. It’s possible you’re body is just telling you to take a breather not to abandon the task all together.

Your body always knows what’s best. Listen to it.

– Dose of Delight


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