The importance of presence.

Do you remember being a kid and looking up at teenagers thinking “wow, I cannot wait to be that age. They get to drive, drink, go out, do whatever they want!”

Do you remember being in high school and thinking “wow, I cannot wait to be an adult. I can live on my own, cook on my own, have anyone over whenever I want, blast music in my house till 3 in the morning!”

Now you look back, you see a child, and you wish so badly that you could just take it back- back to when things were so simple. No taxes, no stress, no responsibilities.

Why do we always wish we were at some other point in our lives? We really need to learn the importance of presence. If we spend our entire lives wishing we were younger or wishing we were older, or wishing we were somewhere else in the world- we will never be happy.

You are the age you are. You are probably at a VERY exciting time in your life (since I can currently think of something exciting about every age in life). You know what else? If you ignore being present, your life will pass by faster than you can even imagine, and you’ll be even MORE unhappy. You’ll look back and miss the times you spent missing some other time.

Take the time to think about the things you are grateful for. Things you like about your life and appreciate being able to do right now.

I for one and overwhelmed with happiness at the moment, as this weekend I came to the realization that I literally have nothing holding me down right now. I am young and healthy and safe. And you know what I’m going to do? I’m planning the trip I’ve always dreamed of and DOING IT. I’m doing it. Because I can and because I want to.

Side note: I’m now taking the class I’m genuinely interested in, rather then what would’ve prepared for whatever I’d convinced myself I’d be doing after (which has changed so that would’ve been pointless). And you know what? Now I want to go to teacher’s college, and guess what? My teachables are already set in place– just because I decided to take the classes I am interested in!

So yeah. Think about how much you love your age. You’ll be much happier, I promise.

[If you don’t feel happy or don’t feel like you are genuinely content with your life.. think about changing it. Why are you doing the things you are doing? Are those things TRULY necessary? You can always find a way around things].

Ya. Practice gratitude.

– Dose of Delight






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