Dealing with dissonance

Sometimes, it happens. You are somewhere you absolutely need to be, but are not somewhere you wish you were in that moment. Right now, I am at the library. I have an exam tomorrow and I know that there is absolutely no way I can leave here until I feel ready for this exam or need to sleep. BUT, I could be somewhere else. I could be there. There.. where I want to be. Every second since I told him I couldn’t be there, I felt this sense of discomfort. I physically can leave, and go there. I technically have this freedom. But, I’m not. I am sitting here, at a desk, twiddling my thumbs. I am experiencing cognitive dissonance. I have incongruent thoughts. The conflict of want and need.

Okay so I know what is happening, now how do I deal with it?

  1. Accept that these are contrasting thoughts. Write about it. Write how you feel.
  2. If there is nothing you can do, REALIZE there is nothing you can do. Let it go.
  3. Distract yourself. If you cannot be somewhere, make your time worth it. Don’t just sit there wishing you were somewhere else.

Music can help. Or even just something simple… some task. Name as many states as you can on a piece of paper. Then let it go and live in the moment.

Easier said than done, but it’s possible. You have full control over your thoughts. The mind is a powerful thing, but you won’t get anywhere unless you are committed.

– Dose of Delight


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