Annoying Morning.

I don’t know why this bothered me so much. Like it’s almost comical.

So I get into work this morning and walk up to the front door, noticing there were a couple of men shortly behind me. Because of this, I held the door open for them. Not in the ‘walk through and hold it open’ way, but in the pull it open and wait outside holding the door for them’ way.

The first man walks through and says, “thanks” like a normal person.

The second man walks up and says, “you can go”. Which is nice… but I already have it open and I’m holding my stuff in a way that would make it difficult for me to pass the door to him and walk through. So.. I say, “that’s alright you can go”. To which he replies, “no no, go through”.

Here’s the thing, I am ALL for chivalry and I find it nice when someone opens the door for me. However, if I already have the door open and it is literally an inconvenience to me to go through, then please just walk through the goddamn door.

I don’t know if this is a generational thing or if he has issues with women opening doors for him, but either way it just frustrated the hell out of me that I had to then awkwardly walk through and unsuccessfully pass the door onto him. What a waste of time.. I was already late for work.

Like really? Can you just save me and the people behind you’s time and just walk through the door. Also I felt like.. rejected. Like I was incapable of opening a door so I was forced to step down from the task. I know this sounds ridiculous but as I said I have no idea why this bothered me so much.

Also, there was a second door. So I had to open that anyway. I should’ve just stood there and waited for him to open that one for me too? Like no..

And this man wasn’t one of those men who is just like “overly nice”. He was like assertive in his demand for me to go through.

Anyway.. sorry, I just had to rant. Hope you have a marvelous day. Please walk through doors that people hold for you and make everyone’s lives easier.

– Dose of (not really) Delight


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