True Friends

There have been millions of posts and videos that have said this, but I just want to say it, so I’m sorry if this sounds cheesy or repetitive. 

We are social beings. We need friends. We live longer with friends. So, the people who you chose to spend your time with is much more important than it may seem.

In school growing up, we had tons of friends. You’re at the point in your life when friends are for sleepovers and recess and biking to get candy with. However, gradually you stop caring less about the quantity, and much more about the quality.

Over the past few years, I’ve gained a much stronger ability to distinguish my friends from my true friends. Up until about my second year of university, I let a lot brush off. I didn’t really pick up on some of the friendship ‘red flags’ or just little things that I shouldn’t have brushed off.

I don’t know if it’s from being in psychology or from my increasing attention to human behaviour, but since that time, I’ve made a lot of little realizations and can now actually pick up on these things.

‘True friends’ are the ones who never judge you. They always have your back even at 3am when you need to rant, and care about you enough that they don’t mind going out of there way for you (staying up at 3am listening to your rant). These are the people who you can have valuable conversations with, and trust your secrets with, and those who you can count on when you are feeling down. These people inspire you, and make you the happiest person that you want to be.

Basically it boils down to this: Who is ACTUALLY you going to be by your side when you need them? Who is ACTUALLY someone who would never judge you?

Yes, you may party or go shopping with friends, and it’s necessary to have those people in your life, but what distinguishes ‘true friends’ is the unconditional support and caring that you have for each other.

I am saying all of this because a new friend of mine just did something incredibly kind for me that honestly most people wouldn’t even do, and it got me thinking about this concept of true friends.

Anyway… last point. You attract people who are similar to you. Treat people with the same amount of love (or kindness or generosity or whatever you value in friendships) that you want from them.

Shout out to my new friend who I just recently met this summer, but already know we’ve got each other’s backs.

– Dose of Delight




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