Let It Go

You can’t be perfect. Think about it- once you’re perfect, what else is there to strive for?

I need to learn to let things go. I can’t always be there, I can’t always be perfectly on time, I can’t guarantee that every time my boss comes to my desk I’m totally on task. That is just the reality of my life. I take on a lot and I invest in relationships that I really care about. That’s just the way that I am. If I am too stressed about not always being everywhere, then I should change the way I live my life.

So I need to think about which stresses me out more– not always being everywhere, or not investing as much in my friends/hobbies/commitments.

I love investing this much of myself in the things and people that I love.

So, I need to let it go. I don’t think I’ve ever actually not had time for someone, or not been there when someone needed me. 95% of the time, I think I am there. For a friend, for myself, or for the things I like to do (like writing). It’s the 5% that stresses me out. The 5% that I am too busy. So, what can I do about it?

I could take less on, which probably won’t happen.

I could invest in fewer friendships, which probably won’t happen.

I could get up earlier, which probably won’t happen.

OR… I could just accept that this is the life I love to live and just stick to my silly schedules I write for myself every day at work.

Let it go.

– Dose of Delight


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