Backpacking Through Asia!

Now that the plans are in action.. I’M BACKPACKING THROUGH ASIA WHEN I GRADUATE IN MAY 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!

My friend Holly and I will be embarking on a 2 month journey around Nepal, Bhutan (maybe), Burma/Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, and then I’ll be heading to Japan. Plans are subject to change.

I cannot express how excited I am for this.. I already have an 8 page document of plans/travel info prepared.

We’re going to be backpacking and staying in hostels, which is how I can afford to go for so long. This is not going to be a luxurious trip by any means, but one where we will fully dive into every adventure that comes our way, and remember the trip forever. I hope to learn what it’s like to live in these areas that are so incredibly different from our own, and let things go to fully immerse myself in their culture and tradition (and food !!)

I’m going to be vlogging my travels on my YouTube channel (Plant Babbles), and I’m looking into a good portable vlogging camera that I can take so I don’t need to bring my gigantic DLSR.

I’ll post more info and updates and such as we get closer to date but I literally cannot wait and just wanted to post about my excitement.

– Dose of Delight



One thought on “Backpacking Through Asia!

  1. Hi! I’m also planning to do a backpacking trip in Asia next year. I have only been to South Korea and I loved it there. I will check your blog for tips on backpacking around neighboring Asian countries.

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