Positive > Negative


Today I was having one of those mornings where you cannot concentrate on work and have other things on my mind.

So, I made a list. A list of things on my mind.

I noticed I was writing quite a few negative thoughts, so I decided to tally up the positive and negatives.

I had written 4 positive thoughts and 7 negative.

I told myself, okay, I need 4 more positive thoughts to write down/have on my mind in order for the positive to overpower the negative.

So, I wrote 4 more positives. They weren’t significantly huge, but it didn’t really matter.

Something strange happened.

I started sitting up taller, and jumped back into work.

I felt cleansed and back to my optimistic self.

I think I’m going to do this every time I feel that “thoughts racing”, “can’t concentrate” feeling. Or if I’m just feeling down.

Try it out, it’s kind of neat. It’s an interesting concept I’m surprised my tired mind managed to whip this up to get myself back into gear.

– Dose of Delight


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